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Sechelt Yoga


Studio Yoga and Zoom Yoga

Now – Yoga in Sechelt! 

3 – 5477 Wharf Avenue, by the pier

Your first studio class in July is free!


Teacher Agneta Dyck

With over 30 years experience, teaching yoga is my passion and a way to help students heal their bodies, releasing stiffness and soreness and moving more joyfully.  It also helps them let go of stress and relax.

For the past 12 years I’ve been teaching on an open air patio in Mexico.  Now I’m offering yoga in Sechelt, BC where I offer live classes starting in July, 2021.  Please see reviews from my students at the bottom of this page.

Healing Yoga classes are both relaxing and rejuvenating. Using primarily Hatha Yoga, which is low intensity, we work on strength, flexibility, core power and balance.  All classes are for men and women and for all ages, beginner to intermediate level.  Yoga is an individual practice and everyone moves at their own pace.

My style is consistently gentle and often fun.


Schedule – Studio Yoga in Sechelt

Note studio is in unit 3 of Royal Terraces Commercial Centre.

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:00 Zoom Yoga   Zoom Yoga   Zoom Yoga
10:30 Studio Yoga   Studio Yoga   Studio Yoga
4:30   in September   in September  

No class Monday, August 2 or Monday, September 6.

More classes will be added in September.


BC Step 3 in Restart Plan is in effect from July 1, 2021:

  • All indoor fitness classes allowed, normal capacity.
  • Masks are recommended but optional.
  • No pre-registration required.
  • Studio is air conditioned with constant air circulation.

Your First Class in July is Free!

After that a pass for 10 classes is only $98 (plus 5% GST) purchased on my SHOP page or $15.00 drop-in, cash only,.  Mat rental $2.00.

Zoom Yoga Classes for Everyone

Healing Yoga classes are offered online on Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 9:00 – 10:00 AM Pacific (Vancouver) time.  You can also watch the recording at any time within 48 hours.

Zoom rates: The cost is $69.00 CAD for 12 classes. If you want to join in the middle of the month, just write to me via the contact page and we’ll figure out a payment.  And if you want to sample a class, I’ll send you a free recording you can watch within 48 hours.

I do ask you to separately register each adult that will participate in the classes please, even if you watch on the same device.  Thank you.




Reviews from Zoom classes:

  • Thank you so much for helping me to get supple again.
  • Your clear instructions, insights, holistic wisdom and experience shine in your teaching!!
  • The yoga sessions have saved me. Not sure how I got through the month with a death in the family. I work hard to ensure I do not miss my yoga practices.
  • I feel so rejuvenated even with having to sit out or modify some of the moves to care for a left knee and a right hip.

Here are some photos of my classes from Mexico, then more reviews.


































Healing from a Stroke (May, 2021) The 6 weeks of Zoom classes that I’ve attended have been so beneficial for me. 18 months ago, I had a stroke which affected my entire left side. I have regained mobility but my balance was still off. However, in today’s class I was able to do the exalted warrior without holding on to a chair !! First time ! Also last week I was able to do the tree with my branches up high and on one foot. Even though I’ve spent a lot of time in the gym over the last year, it’s been the yoga practice over the last 6 weeks that has helped improve my balance. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to attend Healing Yoga. Thank you!  LS

Sciatica getting better (May, 2021) I have found it so good to get back into routine with your May Zoom classes. I was suffering from sciatica pain so badly and feel so much better. Able to get back on my bike and go walking again without stopping every 5 minutes! Will definitely be continuing. SS

I’m a better gardener!  (April, 2021) Just to let you know how helpful your Zoom yoga has been with my gardening. I spent the weekend planting and my stretches helped keep me from stiffness, yay!  JW

My husband loves the yoga!  (April, 2021) My husband has spinal stenosis, two herniated discs, two tears in his rotator, and lately arthritis in his knee that is swollen and causing him grief.  When he started walking hunched over like an old man, I encouraged him to come to your classes. And amazingly he did. He is grateful you are now on Zoom. He was referred to a surgeon for his rotator, but it is not bothering him too much since yoga so he has opted out of surgery for now. He also no longer walks stooped over and his back rarely bothers him. Yesterday at golf one of his buddies, who sometimes gives him the gears about going to yoga, hurt his back after a swing. My husband smugly told him, “And that is why I go to yoga.” ST

A Great Experience! My wife and I tried yoga last summer and we really enjoyed it. We spend the winters in Mexico and wanted to continue yoga, so we found out about Agneta and started her classes. We absolutely love the exercise and healthful atmosphere in her classes. Add to this her terrific book with her insights to personal health and you have a combination that’s hard to beat. –Bob & Sylvia

A Great Start to Some Great Days During our most recent vacation in Mexico, my wife talked me into attending “just one class, please”. Well, by the end of the first class, I felt like more! Many of the little aches and pains and some of the bigger ones, were gone or lessened. The gentle stretching and calm encouragement from Agneta, made the experience very comfortable and enjoyable. I attended 3 more classes before we had to leave but I am planning to continue to pursue yoga. –Wayne

An inspirational, life-changing experience It did me a ton of good! I also bought Agneta’s book, which told about her life and her successful search for great health. –Joan Schaeffer, 87 years old