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Healing Yoga

Healing Yoga on ZOOM now

Hi.  My name is Agneta Dyck.  Teaching yoga is my passion and a way to help people heal their bodies, releasing stiffness and soreness and moving more joyfully.  It also helps them to let go of stress and relax.

I have been instructing Hatha yoga for decades – for thousands of hours and to thousands of students.  For the past 12 years I’ve been teaching on an open air patio in Mexico.  Now I’m adding Zoom online classes for my students around the world.  And I’ve opened a small studio in Sechelt, BC where I hope to have live classes soon.

Yoga teacher Agneta Dyck











Zoom Yoga Classes for Everyone

Healing Yoga classes are now offered online on Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 9:30 – 10:30 AM Pacific (Vancouver) time.  And if the timing doesn’t work for you, that’s fine, because I’ll send everyone a link shortly after the class so you can watch the recording at any time within 48 hours.

You can now register on my SHOP page for a full month of Zoom classes and attend as many as you like.  The cost is $69 CAD for a minimum of 12 classes.

If you prefer another form of payment, like e-transfer, PayPal or cheque/checks, you may write to me via the Contact page for email and mailing address. Please remember to add GST of 5%. For yoga, this totals to $72.45.

I do ask you to separately register each adult that will participate in the classes please, even if you watch on the same device.  Thank you.

If you want to join in the middle of the month, just write to me via the contact page and we’ll figure out a payment.  And if you want to sample a class, I’ll send you a free recording you can watch within 48 hours.

A review from early Zoom classes:

“Agneta I am so grateful for the connection the classes provide. In COVID times when our bubble is small it is wonderful to have something to look forward to. Even though I am awaiting a knee replacementI have been able to modify my movements because you offer so many options. I am never bored and your introductions give me thoughts to reflect on for the day. Thank you so much.”  Diane G

Other comments:

  • I loved the class so much.  Thank you!
  • My first session with Agneta!   It was great !
  • I felt fantastic after. Just amazing. So thankful.
  • It was wonderful to see you and hear your voice.
  • I enjoyed seeing you and following your excellent explanations.  Sound and picture were great.
  • Your Healing Yoga Class today was excellent!   Video and audio were great.
  • It was a very good class this a.m. Good flow.
  • Thank you so much for helping me to get supple again.
  • Today’s class was awesome!
  • Looking forward to your next class…
  • Your clear instructions, insights, holistic wisdom and experience shine in your teaching!!
  • The April sessions have saved me. Not sure how I got through the month with a death in the family. I work hard to ensure I do not miss my yoga practices.
  • Thank you for this best ever session—so calm, stretchy and invigorating.
  • I feel so rejuvenated even with having to sit out or
    modify some of the moves to care for a left knee and a right hip.

Class Description

Healing Yoga classes are both relaxing and rejuvenating. We work on strength, flexibility, core power and balance.  All classes are for men and women and for all ages, beginner to intermediate level.  Yoga is an individual practice and everyone moves at his or her own pace.  If you can get up and down on the mat with ease, then feel free to attend.  If you are an experienced yogi, you’ll find the advanced options that I offer will keep you challenged and motivated.

My style is consistently gentle and often fun. The focus is always on healing – helping you to reduce the stiffness and soreness you may experience and move more freely and joyfully.

If you have ever considered yoga, but thought it would be too difficult at your age, think again.  The majority of people who have attended my classes in the past 12 years have been beginners – men and women – and most of them love it and what it does for them.  They can see and feel their bodies improving week by week. They also feel increasingly relaxed and enjoy life more.

Here are some photos of my classes from Mexico.


































Sign Me Up!  (written March, 2021) I had the good fortune to enjoy your classes in Mexico three times a week for six months every year. My aches and pains disappeared and my balance improved.  I haven’t been able to come to Mexico since 2016 but I’ll be in your online classes! – KC

A Great Experience! My wife and I tried yoga last summer and we really enjoyed it. We spend the winters in Mexico and wanted to continue yoga, so we found out about Agneta and started her classes. We absolutely love the exercise and healthful atmosphere in her classes. Add to this her terrific book with her insights to personal health and you have a combination that’s hard to beat. –Bob & Sylvia D. (Vernon, BC)

A Great Start to Some Great Days During our most recent vacation in Mexico, my wife talked me into attending “just one class, please”. Well, by the end of the first class, I felt like more! Many of the little aches and pains and some of the bigger ones, were gone or lessened. The gentle stretching and calm encouragement from Agneta, made the experience very comfortable and enjoyable. I attended 3 more classes before we had to leave but I am planning to continue to pursue yoga. –Wayne (Nelson, B.C.)

An inspirational, life-changing experience It did me a ton of good! I also bought Agneta’s book, which told about her life, her struggles, and her successful search for great health.  I look forward to resuming classes when I return next winter. –Joan Schaeffer, 87 years old

My ‘First’ Yoga Adventure I had such a wonderful experience at Agneta’s Yoga! The yoga was a life altering improvement. I am happy, at peace, and I carry with me a calm, gentle spirit. I hope to reaffirm this commitment of having a positive, joyful life everyday!  Agneta made enjoying this experience a reality. I cannot thank you enough. I will be back! –The Sisters (Medicine Hat, Alberta Canada)