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Since 2001, I have offered inspiring workshops and wellness coaching at retreats and in the workplace.  Please use the Contact page to request more information.








Soul at Work

At a time when stress-related illnesses are on the increase, and employee burnout is common, my approach is designed to produce a definable sense of purpose and well-being for each employee, one that translates into both personal and corporate health, strength and vigor.

My coaching and interactive workshops show employees how to take responsibility for their lives, how to establish values and move in a direction of purposeful and positive change, change that improves their physical and emotional health, their ability to handle stress productively and their enthusiasm for life and work. I demonstrate how easy it is to make these changes and how quickly it is possible to see positive improvements in every area of their lives. All of this is facilitated in a comfortable atmosphere where learning is both focused and fun.

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 Workshop in China, with translator


Upcoming Retreats with Workshops

Please click on the Yoga Retreats page on the top menu bar to see scheduled retreats with workshops.

Workshops for the Workplace or Retreats

  • The Power of Words – A fun, one-hour presentation that shows participants both the negative and positive power of words, and teaches them how to choose those that help them achieve their purpose.
  • Living with Soul– A two-day workshop focused on what participants can do physically, mentally and emotionally to reduce stress and experience greater health and happiness. Sessions also discuss inspiration – the source of creativity and solutions to problems. This workshop may be combined with yoga and meditation to comprise a 3-day workshop/retreat.
  • In addition, clients may request any of the curricula presented in my yoga/holistic retreats, with or without yoga.  These can be offered as one, two or three-day seminars.  Themes include:
    • How to Live to be 100 (and healthy and happy)
    • Healing the Past
    • A Consciousness of Love
    • Peace, Love and Harmony
    • Awakening to Your Full Potential
    • Choosing Miracles
    • Living Your Life with Joy
    • Transitions after 50, 60, 70:  Finding Clarity and Inspiration
  • Customized Workshops – Let me know your needs and I will develop presentations and workshops to meet them.

What Clients Say (see also reviews for yoga retreats)

These workshops allow employees to believe that they can change, rather than waiting for change to happen to them. *Nancy Sartene, Blakes & Co.

We, the business executives, really need these workshops. We learn how to release anger, regret and criticism and find positive alternatives. *Jeffrey Yang, Chief Architect, IBM Beijing

It’s a good way to take inventory of the corporate culture. *Cliff Grant

This workshop definitely can benefit all our staff. *Mei Xia, IBM Beijing

I learned upbeat solutions to many of today’s negativities. *Coreen Lane, Greater Victoria School District No. 61

Beneficial to staff, committees, management and union representatives. *Celina Strachan, TCM Telecare Management

This workshop has the potential to create greater understanding, more patience and harmony in the workplace. *Kara Larkin, Camosun College

Today I learned tools to let go and the reality of changing myself to bring on life changes. *Kathy Grealy, B.C. Government (PSERC)

Employees learn techniques for self-awareness and self-appreciation. *Lynne Pettman, B.C. Tree Fruits

I will be able to apply the positive thinking to both home and work. *Jessica Andrew, RCMP

A good opportunity to learn some new skills to improve my own behaviors and attitudes and work on improving relationships. *Dell Thomson, Coastal Community Credit Union

Employees can benefit by releasing anger and negativity that are so common in the workplace. *Liz McKinley, Kwantlen University College

Should be mandatory for all employees! *Mike Jacobs, City of Burnaby

Coaching & Spiritual Counseling

With an MA in Psychology and Philosophy, as well as Certification as a Louise Hay teacher, I’ve been coaching and counseling individuals since 2000. My coaching sessions help them to shift their lives from fear to confidence, from worry to trust, from conflict to harmony, from grief to serenity, and from sadness to joy. These changes improve their workplace efficiency; they also frequently improve their personal health and happiness.

Comments from Coaching Clients

I have learned the value of clear thinking and consciousness about the positive and negative messages I send myself and others.

I now realize how much my attitude plays a part in the negative feelings around me.

I’ve learned (in spite of my skepticism) that I can change my experiences for the better.

It is easy to let go of anger. Your exercise for dealing with anger is very powerful.

Thank you for your kindness, patience and expertise.

To find out more about coaching, workshops and speaking availability, email me here.