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What Is Reiki?

Simply put, Reiki is the ancient art of healing hands, an Eastern-based method similar to the Western / Christian laying on of hands. The healer always accesses a universal power that comes from Spirit, or God, and includes prayer in the healing session. EasterAngelWhen a Reiki healer treats a client in person, the practitioner follows a prescribed pattern of hand placement over specific energy fields (chakras) in the body and channels universal healing energy into these chakras to open them and allow healing. To do distance healing, this same energy is directed to a specific person and to the areas in which the person is having problems, physical or emotional.

Reiki Workshops

I offer REIKI workshops in Guayabitos, Mexico every winter so that anyone can learn Reiki.  All participants receive a full Reiki certificate.

I also teach up to the Master Class, and include original computer documents for teaching purposes.

You may email me via the CONTACT page on this site to register, or call me locally in Mexico on my cellphone: 322-200-4511 (between mid-October and late March).

If you are interested in a Reiki workshop in Vancouver, please use the CONTACT page to inquire as well.

Reiki Healing

If you are experiencing a physical or emotional health challenge, Reiki healing can help alleviate the pain and give you the inner peace to help you heal yourself. As Reiki is a form of energy healing, it can be administered in person or sent over any distance.

My Qualifications

I have been a Reiki Master since 2000 and have aided in the healing of people in North America, South America and Europe. Using your first name and your general location, I can direct universal love and healing energy to you, focusing on the specific problems you are having. During or following a Reiki treatment, you may feel a distinct current of energy, a warming of parts of your body, or you may simply feel relaxed. You may also find that you want to rest. Please listen to your body. The overall effects of Reiki take place over time; for each person this will be different.

What Clients Say

I was in a car with Agneta, on the way to Hospital Emergency. I was having a really bad allergic reaction – blisters were all over my skin and coming up my face. I was having difficulty breathing. Agneta put her hand on one shoulder and did Reiki. A few minutes later, we turned around and went home, the only time I was able to get over an allergic reaction without medication or an injection. It was amazing. *Valesca Michelon, Sao Paulo, Brazil

I had a remarkable Reiki session with Agneta and found the results so great, I also decided to study Reiki with her. As a healer and a teacher, she is wonderful.*Christelle Tixador, Paris, France

Getting Started

Please write to me via the Contact page to inquire about Reiki for yourself or others.