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March/April, 2020

The Value of Patience

Why are We Impatient?

Impatience is a common behavior in our society, and unfortunately it takes its toll, creating a lot of stress.  In its extreme, it causes violent disorders like road rage.

Why are we so impatient?  Do we think we have a lack of time?  This may be our excuse, but I find that retired people often continue their impatient behaviors even when they have more than enough time for everything they want to do.  Is it possible that impatience can be a habit?

If it is, then we can change it, and there are good reasons to do so.  Although our culture is very goal-oriented, when we are impatient to reach our goals then impatience actually acts as a barrier to progress.  Whether it’s wanting to heal, wanting to travel, wanting more abundance, impatience will keep you from what you want.

Also, when we are focused on the destination rather than the journey, the goal rather than the process, we are never really content.  If we are overly fixated on planning something for tomorrow, next week or next month, we are robbing ourselves of the joy of the present.  Multi-tasking, rushing, being frustrated with others, interrupting their conversations – all are signs of impatience and all strain our minds and bodies.

Sciatica, high blood pressure, insomnia and a sore jaw are common ailments for people who are impatient.  And all can be healed when we change this pattern.

How to Become a Patient Person

We can all change our habits and behaviors, at any age.  When we know that we can heal our bodies and improve our lives, it’s motivating to do things differently.

To become a more patient person, the most powerful changes involve the body, mind and spirit:

  • Body – Take deep breaths whenever you start to feel impatient.  If you are hurrying, whether in your movements or in your car, consciously slow down.  You’ll feel your heart rate slow as well, and things will still get done.
  • Mind – Start each day with a patience affirmation like “Today I am calm and patient,” or “I have more than enough time for everything I want to do.”  Try, “I trust that everything I want and need is coming to me easily.”  Also use these affirmations whenever you are feeling hurried.
  • Spirit – Give your goals to your Higher Power and allow things to unfold. You will find that things are accomplished more efficiently, so you can relax and reach your goals easily and joyfully.

Once you have committed to becoming a more patient person, also be patient with your progress!  Pat yourself on the back when you see positive changes and continue to trust.  You will experience better health and more peace and happiness as a result.