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Boosting Your Immunity

Life as we’ve known it has changed in just a short time. The global pandemic is frightening for most of us, and the uncertainty of living with constant changes unnerving.

For a long time, our society has reflected relative certainty. Change occurred mainly because we chose it. Now we are cut off from many choices, and we will need to be flexible to handle the situation productively.

At this time it’s more important than ever to keep your immune system strong. The most powerful approach is through body, mind and spirit as we do in yoga. Below you’ll find some constructive ideas.

The Body – Things We Can Do

There are concrete ways to improve our resistance to even unknown viruses.  You can do any or all of the following:
  1. Given that Covid-19 is a respiratory ailment, it is important to strengthen your lungs.  There is a yoga deep-breathing sequence you can practice to improve your respiratory function and reduce susceptibility to ailments.  I’ve recorded an audio clip with the guidelines and you can find it at this link:  I recommend you do this routine every day at least once.  After doing it a few times, you’ll be able to practice it without a recording.  Deep breathing has the added benefit of relaxing you, a wonderful bonus at this time.
  2. Get some exercise.  Most of you can’t go to a gym or yoga studio right now, but it’s important to keep active.  If you can go outdoors, go for a walk regularly.  Find a place where you can keep your distance but ideally enjoy nature.  For indoor exercise routines, you can find great movement and yoga videos online for free.  My two full-length yoga videos are on YouTube and I just added the new Pyjama Yoga with Agneta: You can also just search YouTube for “Agneta Dyck” and you’ll find all of them.
  3. If you’re less active than usual, then try to eat less so that your clothes will still fit when this is all over.  Avoid excessive drinking as well.
  4. Sunlight has been shown to boost immunity, so catch some UV rays when you can.  As the weather warms, get into the sun regularly, even if it’s only in your yard or on your balcony.
  5. There are a number of recognized immune-boosting remedies out there.  Oil of oregano is my personal favorite.  It has helped me to avoid a cold many times, so it’s clearly anti-viral.

The Mind – Things We Can Do

“You cannot always control what goes on outside, but you can always control what goes on inside.”  Dr. Wayne Dyer
  1. Fear is a toxic emotion, especially in large doses.  The law of attraction also tells us that we will attract what we fear.  This is a good time to limit your exposure to negative stimuli, including the news; a catch-up once a day can be enough. And seek out reliable reporting, not false news or alarmist predictions.
  2. When we are frightened, we often become frustrated and angry as well.  Anger lowers our immunity, so try not to judge others or decide what they should or shouldn’t do.  Our governments are enacting laws to protect us; those laws are not up to us to make.  Ultimately we are responsible only for ourselves.
  3. Relax!  Here is your opportunity to become a human BEING rather than a human DOING.  Read more books, watch uplifting TV shows and movies, start a creative project, spend time communicating with loved ones by phone or other devices.  We may not have another opportunity for downtime like this for years, so take advantage.
  4. Instead of feeling helpless, practice love and compassion. Rather than chafing at the restrictions in your lifestyle, look for ways to help others.  It will distract you and make you feel better.
  5. We all know laughter is healing.  So laugh and smile! Smiles are contagious too.  When you go out, smile at those you meet, even if they are two metres away, and chances are they will return the smile and pass it forward.
  6. Every day, send out gratitude for what you have.  The attitude of gratitude is healing, and it’s a magnet that attracts more good things into your life.
  7. Repeat affirmations often.  Choose a positive statement and substitute it for any thoughts that are downers.  Like this one: “I am strong, I am safe. All is well.”

The Spirit – Things We Can Do

We are all connected to a Higher Power – Spirit, God, Love.  Thus we have access to an energy that can heal us and others.
  1. Prayer and meditation have been shown to boost immunity.  Even if you’ve never meditated before, you can do it easily.  It can be as simple as sitting in silence and breathing deeply for five or more minutes.  This automatically connects you with your Higher Power, the source of peace.
  2. You can also repeat mantras during meditation, throughout your quiet time. Try, “I am at peace,” or use other lines that comfort you.
  3. Through guided meditations you can attract an energy of strength and healing into your body.  You can also send it to others.  I have recorded a new meditation called, The Light of God’s Love which does just that.  Only 6 minutes long, you may want to do this often.  It will be healing for you and empower you to send healing into the world where it is needed.  You can find the recording at the following link  or again by searching YouTube for “Agneta Dyck.”

Be Hopeful!

“All you need do is look about you to know that feelings of love still abound. 
Beauty still reigns.”
* A Course of Love