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September/October, 2019

Dancing with Spirit

Giving Up the Lead

How easily would you be able to put someone else in charge of your life?  How readily could you believe that their decisions would serve you better than your own?
In a world where individualism is idolized, where we are encouraged to be true to our convictions, the idea of giving up control may be scary.  And yet, there is one who knows you better than you know yourself, who would make choices that would bring you only love, joy, peace and abundance.  It is Spirit.
Whether we believe in Spirit or not, it is a reality.  You may call it your Inner Wisdom, your Higher Power, or you may call it the Power of Love.  All of these recognize that you are more than the body and mind that others see.
Teilhard de Chardin, a French mystic, said, “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience.  We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”
So, if you are a spiritual being, then you are already tied to Spirit, already connected.  The only thing you need to do to access the love, peace and joy He offers is to surrender.  Surrender your control, your arbitrary desires and superficial goals, and allow Spirit to bring you so much more.

The Joy and Peace of Surrender

Recently, an image of surrendering to Spirit came to me like a beautiful dance.
We’ve all seen the remarkable dances of Frank Sinatra with Ginger Rogers, and whether on TV or on a dance floor, we’ve seen two people dance as one.  It always takes my breath away.
Did you know that the only way that dance can be so perfect, so seemingly effortless, is when one person leads.
When I took dance lessons, years ago, it was drilled into us over and over again: let your partner lead.  It was challenging for me to do that, because I had my own idea of how I wanted to dance.  But I realized that when I let go, the dancing was natural, graceful and so much fun.
Now I imagine giving my hand to Spirit who knows, so much better than I do, the steps I need to take in order to live my life fully.
When I don’t know what decision to make, I give my hand to Spirit and say, “Show me.”  When I am afraid or worried, I enter the dance and say, “Dance me to peace, to joy.”  When I’m wracked with guilt, I take His hand and say, “Dance me away from this.”  And He does, every time.
I’m learning to give my hand to Spirit every morning and say, “You lead today.  I trust you better than I trust myself.  You know my wants and needs.  I will simply enjoy the dance.”