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Newsletter November/December 2019

November/December, 2019

Boost Your Well-Being

Self Care is Important

Most of us could benefit from taking better care of ourselves.  The hustle and bustle of our daily routines frequently leaves us feeling frazzled, perhaps even short-tempered.  Eventually a frenetic lifestyle will take its toll on our health, and then life is no fun at all.

And yet, by adopting some very simple practices, ideally every day, we can experience a noticeable rejuvenaton in a fairly short time.  The results of incorporating these relaxing activities include better health, greater energy, increased joy, spiritual well-being and more harmonious relationships.

Does this sound like something worth doing?  Read on to find out what these simple yet powerful practices are.


Five Easy Practices

* Deep breaths. Once an hour, on the hour, simply take 4 – 5 deep, slow breaths. You can do this anywhere, regardless of what is going on.  Whether you’re driving, working or shopping, you needn’t even stop what you’re doing.  Deep breathing reduces anxiety and relaxes you.


Five Easy Practices, cont’d

* Every day, do something you love to do. When you get busy, it’s tempting to do things that are urgent rather than important. At the end of the day, you may not have had time to go for a walk, listen to music, read a book or just unwind with friends or family.  Make sure you include something really enjoyable in your day.  This will increase your overall happiness.

* Spend time in nature as often as you can. Go for a walk, cycle, perhaps sit on a bench in the park or near water. Leave your phone at home and just take in the birdsong, the colors around you, the sun or breeze.  Nature heals.

* Practice self-care before you go to sleep. Whether it’s doing 5 minutes of yoga, meditating, taking a warm bath or massaging your feet, do something that is very soothing. Be good to yourself and you will sleep better, waking more refreshed.

* Take a moment for gratitude last thing in the day. Before you close your eyes, remember one good thing that happened that day. Let that experience resonate in your heart.  The attitude of gratitude brings miracles into your life.

These few moments of self-care will add up to a greater sense of well-being, possibly from the first day.  And, with time, they can be remarkably transformative.  Blessings to you as you embark on this wonderful journey of loving yourself.