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May/June, 2019

Love and Miracles

A Miracle Story

On January 22nd, 2004, I was in the delivery room when my son and his wife had their first baby.  Their little girl was born with the umbilical cord wrapped tightly around her neck. Even when it was removed, she didn’t breathe.  I remember standing in that room with her parents, the other grandmother and the medical staff – waiting.

We had already waited many months for this baby, a first child and first grandchild.  We had waited many hours through the difficult labor.  Was it possible that all that waiting would result in this?  We were in shock, filled with fear and grief.

Then the doctor spoke loudly, “If you want this little girl, then tell her so.  Tell her you love her.  Tell her you want her.  Tell her now!”  So we spoke, we cried, we called out to her, and our words and feelings of love washed away the terrible worry and fear.

We concentrated only on love, sending it to that little girl.  My son reached out with one hand to his wife who sat in bed and then stretched out his other hand to the table where the baby lay, grasping her little fingers.  And the three of them were bonded, and love was coming from everywhere.  My granddaughter Mika began to breathe.

Mika is now 15, tall and smart and beautiful, but I will never forget the miracle that love created in the room that day.

We Can All Experience Miracles

We were blessed to have a doctor who understood the power of love.  Since then, I have witnessed and experienced more miracles, and every time they took place it was because fear or anger were banished and love took their place.

Miracles cannot occur in a vacuum.  They must have fertile ground to come into being.  Fear is not fertile ground.  Anger is not fertile ground.  These emotions perpetuate whatever the problem is, and allow no room for the miracle.

If our bodies are in pain and dysfunction, we often react with frustration, impatience and worry.  We become angry with the body that has betrayed us.  Healing cannot occur in this situation.

When we encounter conflict, our urge can be to attack.  It may be more important for us to be right than to be happy.  But we deny the miracle of peace and harmony.

When we are concerned about a loved one, we may spend all our time worrying.  And yet this works against solutions.

The only fertile ground we can provide in order to usher miracles into our lives is love:  loving ourselves in spite of our challenges, loving others in spite of their opinions and actions, loving those who are hurt and confused.

When we learn to do this, when we choose to do this, we set ourselves up for miracles.  I hope you experience many miracles in your life.