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What is Living with Soul? Whether it’s a healing yoga class, a corporate workshop, a coaching session, a yoga retreat or an inspiring book, my approach is designed to help you develop a personal sense of wellbeing and for corporations to experience a healthy, happy and productive workplace.

I’ve been teaching yoga and working in human resources since the 80s. Over time I’ve developed a methodology in both that is body-mind based. This approach has consistently and visibly helped my students and clients determine what their purpose is. In my experience, this association with what I call mission is a powerful way to create and follow direction in life. With this as a guiding point, my clients are more productive in their careers, more relaxed in retirement and happier in life. Agneta.20131

In 1986, I qualified as a Certified Management Consultant while working as a Manager at Coopers & Lybrand in Vancouver, Canada. Then, in 1988, I founded my own consulting company. A human resources consulting firm, it became the foundation for Pathways Training Corporation, then The concentration of this firm is on teaching and coaching in many forms.

My undergraduate and master degrees focused on Psychology and Philosophy. In 2000, I was also trained and certified as a Louise Hay teacher in San Diego, California. My diverse education has allowed me to help many clients find the origin of any problems in thoughts and feelings that are unproductive, and show them how these can be changed to promote joy and harmony in every part of their lives. Also in 2000, I qualified as a Reiki Master. Since that time I have been continuously involved in learning and growing in order to be a teacher that really makes a difference.

My book, Why I Canceled My Health Insurance, published in 2009, shows readers how they can use simple tools to experience dramatic and productive changes. It is a delight to hear that many individuals are finding greater health and happiness through these methods. My recent book, Living with Soul, was published in 2015 and is a compilation of 52 of my newsletters written over 10 years. It is an encouragement to all readers, covering many topics of wisdom and inspiration.

I am currently teaching studio and online yoga from Sechelt, BC, and have produced five yoga videos for my students, all on YouTube. I conduct Living with Soul workshops wherever my clients request them.

My coaching/counselling can be done in person but also anywhere, anytime, using communication aids like phones, email, Zoom and Skype.